The Extinguishable Asbestos

Asbestos had many commercial uses up until a few years ago. Asbestos was highly used by the American military for its various uses. So it is no wonder that more than 26% percent of patients of mesothelioma were all US soldiers. At one point, at the height of its popularity, asbestos was the magic mineral that made everything better. It was mixed with various minerals to make the fireproof and sustainable. Especially in the military, mesothelioma patients were mostly military veterans because all departments of the military were using the mineral very excessively.

Even structures dating to recent times still have high traces of Asbestos in them. It was used in building materials because it was known to withstand high temperatures and have great tension yield. The white powdered was just sprinkled on and everything was believed to be magically better. Even when mesothelioma was becoming apparent in a lot of people asbestos was not blamed. Up until the 21st century asbestos was being used commercially. It was very recently discovered how extremely toxic the mineral really is. It was apparently so toxic that it was extracted from the building it was used in the construction of.

Though USA still uses the mineral but its use has gone down a significant amount. In the year 2016, less than 400 tons was consumed by the American state. Many countries of the world have banned the use of asbestos. Some have even made it mandatory to remove it from any place where it might harm the general public. Many companies are dedicated to its extraction and still working to remove it for safety purposes. The mineral has a high tolerance so it cannot be removed without professional help. Contact to it is extremely dangerous. For more info visit www.sers.net.au.

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