Knowing Which Valve You Need

It is safe to say that as humans we aren’t exactly all-knowing, omnipotent beings. There is quite a lot that we don’t know, and that’s fine. We can’t be expected to know everything there is about things that aren’t a part of our daily lives. We might have a general idea, but we aren’t really aware of the intricacies behind them. Similarly, when it comes to things like piping and stuff, we don’t know the different kinds of pipes and valves that involved in these networks. However, if you happen to be affiliated with the business of pipes, plumbing or the refinery industry, it’s pretty important to know the different kinds of valves that are available. So, we’re going to discuss a few common types to help you figure out the one you need.

Air Release Valves:
People in the mining and refinery industry can agree that one of the most annoying problems to deal with are air pockets. Air pockets are naturally caused when a liquid that is suspended with solids is passing through a tight space like a pipe. This causes the liquid to move through really slowly or just causes a blockage. Air release valves are used for the sole purpose of removing air pockets and preventing this from happening.

Slurry Air Release Valves:
This kind of valve basically helps to reduce, and even remove air pressure which is caused by the movement of the slurry in the pipe. In case you are currently looking for slurry air release valves, you can check out Dual Valve’s slurry air release valve online.

Slurry Valves:
These valves are lined with rubber on the inside and they serve the purpose of a control valve by keeping the movement of the slurry in check and regulating it.

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