Help! What to do with leftover cabbage, potatoes, carrots from corned beef dinner

So, I had a corned beef in the freezer that we made up in the crock pot for dinner. Well, I made way too much cabbage, boiled carrots and potatoes to go with and now we have no left over meat but a lot of leftover veggies that were boiled/steamed in the water from the meat (so they have that corned beefy flavor). Can anyone give me some ideas for what to do with these veggies? Thanks!

The first thing that came to my mind was a Fritatta. I suppose the veggies are already chopped, however, I would slice them further to better incorporate them into the egg mixture. They may have lost a bit of flavor so add seasoning to taste, chop some Italian parsley, maybe add some cheese…..

Another idea is, although a little past the season, is to blend them all together into a Colcannon….you could sautee some leeks or even spring onions and add to the mixture.