Getting Braces

Quite a lot of people are not very sure what they should expect when they or their children are getting braces. While a lot of people have and still do get braces, there is not a lot of awareness about the various ways braces work and how you can make the best of them so they come off as quickly as possible, and a lot of myths do float around about what having braces is like. So in this article we will be tackling this issue by talking about some general braces facts and how people should go about getting them. You can find out more about braces and general orthodontist practices by visiting the South Philadelphia Orthodontic Associates or checking out their website for more information.

Now one of the major myths about braces is that they hurt a lot and will cause a lot of unbearable pain throughout the time that you have them. This is of course a crazy idea. People, especially young people, have braces for a year or two and feeling that much pain for so long would be unacceptable to most. Going through treatment, where your braces are tightened, will leave your teeth and your jaw sore for a little while but this is a brief and not something that you consistently feel all the time. If you are using aligners then your teeth might be a little sore when you first use a new plastic tray.

Another myth many people seem to believe is that you cannot eat hard foods and you will mostly have to eat mushy food while you have your braces on. This too is not necessarily true. While you should generally avoid sugary or starchy food like sodas, you can still have hard food items as long as they are cut into smaller pieces.

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