Fall To Lies

Your partner is lying and denying everything you have to say, assuring you that you are confused or being too sensitive about the matters at hand. These are one of the tell-tale signs of gaslighting, the act of slow manipulation that plants the seeds that will bloom to a lifetime of doubt and depression. You, person intended to be gaslighted, will find your sense of self, self-esteem and confidence greatly deteriorated by the end of the whole process. It doesn’t start off as obvious as other clear manipulation attempts. The act of gaslighting can take place from months to over years slowly whittling you down till you’re left as nothing more than a husk of you used to be.

Gaslighting in relationships: 7 signs + how to put out the flame aren’t things you come across every day. Any instance of an abuser using gaslighting can start by flat out remembering things in a clearly different way. For instance, you could have sworn the lights in some room of your home, maybe even your bedroom was brighter than it is now but your partner is assuring you that you’re quite wrong and that they are correct when they say the lights of the room were always this dim. Because they say it with such conviction and because the human mind is imperfect, we might even end up believing them.

The goal of this is to destroy who you are as a person. You’ll find yourself unable to be sure of anything no matter you already know what you know to be true. To find someone else to affirm what you think or see. Acts of gaslighting can happen in more than just a romantic relationship as well as family members and even friends can use this tactic against you.

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