Different Type of Tan Systems You Should Know About

Getting a tan has been in the trend for quite some time now. More and more people are following this trend and actually enjoying it to a great extent. While natural tan still looks the best, people are now moving towards the artificial tan that is achieved using different tan systems that are available.

The two biggest tan systems that are available are tanning beds, or you can choose something like a spray tanning machine. Both have advantages over the other ones, so it can be really difficult to choose. I am going to list a small comparison in this article to make things a bit simpler for everyone who end up in confusion.

Tanning Beds
The tanning beds that are available to buy are just a little smaller than actual beds, and work wonderfully for giving an almost natural tan. However, considering there isn’t anything else part from UV lights, the user has to lie down for a while in order to get the even tan.
With tanning beds, it is difficult to tell the difference between natural and artificial tan. They are mostly available at all the good tanning salons, and are comparatively easy. As compared to the spraying system, they definitely create a more natural looking tan.

Spraying Machines
Getting a tan through this system is a lot different than a tan bed, that’s because instead of using UV rays (the real cause of tan) this uses a fluid to give the tanning effect. This is certainly not the natural way, but the good part here is that it is so much faster, easier, and convenient, that people just prefer going for this type of tan.

Another benefit here is that these systems are a lot cheaper as compared to ten beds.

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