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What Are The Top Crypto-Currencies of 2017?

Back in the day none talked about Bitcoin, well just a couple of nerds in some forum. Back in the day it was worth just a few dollars, but now that it has surpassed the $2000-mark, it has grabbed plenty of attention from many persons and the media.

There are many other crypto currencies by the way, and here you will find a list with the best picks for this 2017.

Why Are Crypto Currencies a Good Way to Make Money?

If you are getting into crypto currencies then it’s because you are wildly interested in making money. Because at the end of the day, that’s what is motivating most of the people to join this club.

That’s it, but why are they a good way to make money? There are many ways to skin a cat, and let’s see why crypto can give you some good cash in return.

The thing is that they give you a return of your investment once they increase their value. For example, if you buy 1000 crypto currencies which are worth $0.01 right now, which would require an investment of merely $10, when they increase their value to $0.10 your investment will grow up to $100, and what will happen if it goes up to $1 per each coin? Then you can easily see that your investment is now $1000.

That’s how crypto currencies can make you money, and we have seen the case with Bitcoin. People who bought many of them for $10 each back in the day, and that now have a real fortune in BTC. Perhaps you could find the next one? Let’s see which the best performing crypto currencies of this year are.


It’s one of the most profitable coins right now. If you want to make some good cash in the long term, then this could be one of your best choices.

Banks are getting interested in using it for internal operations, and this will add plenty of value to the coin over time. So the key here is to invest while it’s still relatively cheap, so you can make a good return in the long run.


Ethereum is another great crypto currency and according to many it’s going to be even better than BTC. And they may not be wrong, because it’s been increasing its value quite well over time, so we could be surprised in a short time.

The thing is that, similarly to BTC, it will suffer some crashes till it stabilizes. But that’s part of the crypto game.


Monero is right now at approximately $50 per coin, and according to many this could be a perfect upgrade of BTC, because it has gotten better security measures, as it’s impossible to track transactions with this crypto currency.

Here you have the best crypto currencies of this year. Now it’s time for you to go ahead and decide in which one you should invest, go for it!