How to Capture Your Next Potential Customer’s Attention?

In marketing, it all comes down to identifying your customers, generating leads, finding potential customers and making an effort to convert them into actual customers, the rise of E-businesses has provided businesses of all kinds with a much more cost effective way of marketing themselves and generating sales.

One tried and tested method has been to send emails containing offers and advertisements to subscribers, frequent customers and to potential leads, while this method has a low return rate, it does help in generating sales. Thanks to advancements in technology and to a bit of help from Facebook, the process of identifying and filtering potential customers has become much more effective, Facebook Messenger bots have been around for a while, but they have now become sophisticated enough that many businesses are quickly starting to adopt them into their online marketing. These bots work in a subtle yet effective manner, their job is to ask casual questions from potential customers to get their attention, once they have brought the potential customer to a point where they are captivated and have become aware of needs that your services or products might be able to fulfil, they are sent a link to your website or of your product or simply of some deal that you might be offering.

One such bot is the Funnel Messenger, designed specifically for E-commerce businesses and Facebook pages, this cool Facebook tool can help you convert a larger number of leads into sales in a much shorter amount of time, making your marketing much more effective than it was before. The Funnel messenger is quite simple to setup and use, it is also compatible with all the popular E-commerce platforms out there so you do not have to worry about any integration problems at all.


Starting Your Own Business: Why It Isn’t Easy

Regardless of whether you just recently graduated from high school or college, your next agenda is most likely to find a good job or at least a job that lets you become financially independent. However, finding a job in today’s world is easier said than done. There are hundreds of people applying for a few limited positions and the chances of getting selected are below minimal.

However, in case you do manage to get a job somewhere, it isn’t guaranteed to be the job for you. There are a lot of people that are struggling to find the motivation to go to work every single day because they are not happy with their job. This is where the idea of starting your own business may have come to you.. So, if you have played around with the idea of starting a business, it is important for you to know that it isn’t as easy as you think.

A clear cut idea is necessary to lay down the foundation of your business. This idea then needs to be presented multiple times over in order to get the necessary funds and investments be it via crowd sourcing or the bank. So, you have to make sure your idea stands out and you are able to sell it. Next, there is a lot of competition and budding businesses are easily overlooked. Sometimes it takes years in order to gain recognition. A lot of finances, time, resources and dedication is required. You are basically starting from scratch, so finding the right employees, the equipment, the marketing, all of it comes under your responsibility. So, make sure you have the commitment to see things through to the end before you take the first step and get your business card printed from Metal Kards.