Is It Worth it to Buy a Combined Washer-Dryer?

When it comes to the purchase of various household items and appliances that are vital for everyday life many new homeowners face difficulty in making the right decision. Some of the common appliances and machines include kitchen, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and dryer. Often times people prefer investing on products that have more than one function such as a combined washer and dryer. The factors that may impact your buying decision include affordability, space, location, and uses.

To laundry the clothes and various garments you need a washing machine that has a decent sized drum so that all the clothes can be places in one turn and after that you need a tumble dryer that passes the wet clothes through hot air for a certain period of time. People who live in apartments and don’t have enough space usually prefer machines that have built-in both functions, but they often have to compromise on the end results.

The life of a combined machine is much lesser compared to that of two separate ones as the workload gets divided. No matter how much you invest on a washing machine the amount of clothes that it can laundry is much more than it can tumble dry. At the end of the day, you have to spend more time to wait for each batch of washed clothes to be completely dried so that you can throw in the next collection. In most combined washing machines cold water in sprinkled on the designated clothes through a short stream and at the same time the clothes are being dried from the steam. If you prefer to get quick results then you should go for a separate tumble dryer, check out the HvitevareGuiden to make an informed decision.