A Restaurant Fit For Every Occasion?

When people go out to eat, food is what they’re looking forward to but it’s not necessarily what they’re after. People make plans to go out and eat and spend quite some money for it because they’re looking for a dining experience; they want to be served and seated and to share this experience with their company. Of course, there are diners where people go to enjoy a nice meal all alone but really, who goes to a large restaurant all by themselves?

If you ask people about their favourite places to eat, they’ll categorise them according to the occasions they go to these places for and will tell you why they like going there for that certain occasion. Sometimes people really like the food and ambience of a certain place but they don’t just up and go there since the occasion doesn’t call for it and that can be really annoying; you really want that amazingly juicy steak from a certain place but it’s a fancy place where you’d take a date so you won’t go there unless you have one.

How a restaurant caters to a certain occasion is one of the foremost of its selling points and likewise, a restaurant that can cater to every occasion has a huge selling point in of itself. Very near Perth Arena, in the heart of Perth CBD, is a restaurant called Gramercy Bar and Kitchen. While most Central Business District restaurants try to offer you a very VIP kind of experience which is delightful, Gramercy strives to bring you a dining solution fits every occasion.

At Gramercy, you can have corporate lunches, romantic dates and even weddings but at the same time, you can also head on over there for a few drinks with friends and unwind without having to feel all formal.

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